Comparello Bello: ever-growing success!

1 June 2017

Comparello Bello is not just a local, has now become a landmark in the historic center of Messina.

Comparello Bello, indeed, accompanies and delights its customers at all times of the day. Starting from breakfast, to continue until lunch, for an afternoon break, an aperitif or an excellent dinner accompanied by a wide selection of quality craft beers, until after dinner, with the many cocktails offered by our creative barman.

But what is the secret of this place?

We talk about it with the three architects of this success, who are the partners of Comparello, Giuseppe, Claudio and Antonio, who have had the courage to create a unique place in Messina, where quality is the watchword.

Three guys who come from different work experiences, because Claudio was a seller, while Antonio and Giuseppe were in the field of food distribution.

Tell us what is the formula to the success of the Comparello?

Giuseppe: Our commitment, first of all, is to understand and satisfy customers’ needs, trying to understand their tastes and maintaining very high standards regarding the quality of the products we offer, starting from the morning with our breakfasts, until cocktails.

Claudio: The customer considers us a point of reference because we offer a wide range of products. In addition, our location in the heart of the historic center of Messina is strategic and the square where we are located is reborn since we opened … and I do not think it’s a coincidence!

You were born in 2013. Since then, how has the Comparello changed?

Claudio: We started with 15 tables (60 seats) and with 8 employees. Now we have 30 employees, if we count daytime and evening shifts and we can reach about 200 seats. In addition, we recently acquired the premises of the historic jeans store that stood on Via I Settembre, allowing us to add two more rooms.

Giuseppe: Comparello has always been a fixed point for breakfast and with the passage of time we understood that it was important to offer our customers more and more services. We operate nonstop from 6 am until 2 am and we have no closing day, except Sunday morning, but if there are events we stay open.

One of your strong points, which characterizes you strongly, is the particular choice of beer, because you only offer craft beers on tap. Why this brave choice?

Claudio: We have a battery of 12 craft beers on tap. We were among the first local Messina to focus only on this particular target of products and was a real gamble. The first times were difficult because we want to “educate” the customer to drink well. Our customers know that by Comparello Bello you can only find quality craft beers and there are no commercial beers. Given the great choice we have, we can still manage to find a beer that best suits your taste.

Giuseppe: We also pay great attention to cocktails that are always of great quality and that is why we are affiliated with Campari. Ours is a well-defined menu and we care a lot to respect it.

Are there any menus dedicated to vegans and vegetarians?

Claudio: We can offer a wide selection of hamburgers and salads, but the intent is to increase these menus more and more.

Giuseppe: We are also about to open a special kitchen for coeliacs soon.

What are the plans for next summer?

Claudio: Last year we opened a summer lido on the coast road and we hope to confirm this experience that has allowed us to further expand our offer and has also made us mature professionally.

Comparello Messina

lun-sab: 07.00 – 02.00
dom: 17.30 – 02.00

Piazza Lepanto 1 angolo Via Cesare Battisti 38

Comparello Sulla Spiaggia

lun-dom: 07.00 – 02.00

Via C. Pompea
“a 230mt dalla chiesa di Grotte ex Love’s Sushi”

Comparello Palermo

lun-ven: 07.00 – 01.00
sab: 07.00 – 02.00
dom: 11.30 – 02.00

Via Ugo La Malfa 109