The art of exalting the taste!

10 October 2016

Come and see the beauty!


A true Comparello is immediately recognizable: a lover of craft beer and good food, and much more!

From breakfast to dinner we wanted to stand out for the quality of the products and the highly professional service to welcome you and delight you as only a “real friend” can do!

The breakfast

To start the day in the right way (and tastefully) with the specialties provided in the coffee bar that offers fresh croissants, brioches, granitas, biscuits and cakes. Without forgetting the unmissable promotions proposed for breakfast: with only 1 euro you can enjoy the small croissant and coffee, while with 50 cents more the same offer concerns the big croissant.
But we asked ourselves, why delight only the palate?
We also want to make you smile and for this reason were born the funny and special creations of “latte art” to make the cappuccinos and latte macchiato real works of art.

Lunch, dinner and reinforced aperitifs

Very high quality also the menu of the kitchen for lunch and dinner, which varies from pizzas to pasta dishes, from sandwiches to meat of first choice to salads, without forgetting the tastes of vegetarians and vegans. Finally, the excellent aperitifs offered in different, tasty and imaginative formulas: from the classic one, to the exclusive Aperibirra or Apericena.

Craft beer

Over time, we have become a real reference point for lovers of craft beer on tap, perhaps because we have “studied” each beer to ensure a perfect tapping, a proper glass, an ideal temperature and the right amount of foam. In short, craft beers on tap by real amateurs!


Comparello Bello is in the beating heart of the historic center of Messina: an exclusive, young and fun place that is perfect for any occasion.

Special offers, discounts and exclusive initiatives

Finally, to real Comparelli we have dedicated the “Comparello’s Friend”, the card that allows you to accumulate credits for each purchase made and convert them into prizes and exclusive benefits. Activation is very simple, it’s free and just ask for it at the cash desk.

This is your “Comparello”: eat well, drink well to spend unique moments of taste and fun.

We are waiting for you friends!

Comparello Messina

lun-sab: 07.00 – 02.00
dom: 17.30 – 02.00

Piazza Lepanto 1 angolo Via Cesare Battisti 38

Comparello Sulla Spiaggia

lun-dom: 07.00 – 02.00

Via C. Pompea
“a 230mt dalla chiesa di Grotte ex Love’s Sushi”

Comparello Palermo

lun-ven: 07.00 – 01.00
sab: 07.00 – 02.00
dom: 11.30 – 02.00

Via Ugo La Malfa 109